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Recycling Tips

Things to consider when looking for recycling LOCATIONS

  1. Is the location seen by many people? The more the better!
  2. Do the same people come to the location on a regular basis (daily or weekly preferably)?
  3. Will it be easy to notice the recycling materials?
  4. Will the Cause be complementary to activities at the Location (recycling box for Animal Rights charity would not likely create much enthusiasm at a Hunting & Fishing retail store)?


Types of organizations that are good candidates for RECYCLING PARTNERS

  • Churches, Synagogues, & Temples
  • Scout Troops
  • Libraries & Government Office (Local, State and National)
  • Charities and Clubs
  • Businesses (Retail and Office)
  • Individuals

Strength of BUSINESS participation at an OFFICE

  • Nearly all employees have inkjet printer(s) at home
  • Employees that are moved by Cause can set-up secondary collection sites
    • Other business
    • Church
    • Health & Recreation Centers
    • Personal affiliations
  • Recycling materials seen daily

Try to set a GOAL

  • Goal orientated programs will out pace those without a goal
  • Set a Goal that can be achieved over a short period of time (1 to 2 months)
    • Individual recycling efforts become reinforced
    • Continue recycling indefinitely

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